Hi, I'm Jacob
I’m a danish User Experience Designer with a passion for concept development and solving problems with digital products and services.

Selected work

Work from a wide range of contexts in no particular order.

The library as a soundscape

Thesis project, 3D sound experience

Rolling stone project

Rolling Stone

Visual identity, webdesign

Det Kongelige Ledelsesakademi

Webdesign, frontend development

Clean manipulation

Nudge, playful technology

Det kongelige ledelsesakademi


Frontend development

Tech lead at Eucroma

Game testing, workflow, visualization


Hi, I'm Jacob Ørstrup Christensen and I have a big interest in UX and Interaction Design.
I love the interdisciplinary nature of design and the collaborative process that leads to great outcomes. I believe that solving complex design problems is about the process of learning, handling uncertainties and selecting the most fitting approach based on the problem at hand. I think digital solutions should address real needs or problems and be useful, usable, beautiful and enjoyable to use.
I recently completed my masters from the IT-University of Copenhagen where I have been studying Digital Design and Communication. I currently work part-time as an Assistant Lecturer in the graduate course Communication Design at ITU.
Through my work experience and university projects I have worked with the most common tools and activities related to UX research and practice like planning and conducting user studies, analysing field data, creating personas, customer journey mapping, service blueprints, wireframing, prototyping, information architecture, frontend development, UI design, and various kinds of user testings.
When I'm not doing digital design, I spend my spare time on other interests like playing music, photography or just hanging out with friends and family.


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Jacob Christensen

Jacob Ørstrup Christensen
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